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WILLIAM  VOH"  HUMBQLDT.                    359
these good artists, but they became catholics In the
spirit of love, and as artists, these catholics are among
the best/' She was expected in Berlin In the spring
of 1810, but probably the change which then took
place in her husband's position, delayed her return to
Immediately after Humboldifs return to Berlin, he
made serious preparations for the arrangements of the
new university, and Axnim the poet writes to ELon%s~
berg: cc Hnmboldt has at last returned from. Ms
joumey? and Is roaklng serious beginnings for the
university, but unfortunately the ministry* of fioaaoe
is quite at variance with that of the Interior/*
In spite of these difficulties, Sumboldt devoted his
entire activity to this subject. The university was to
be opened on the 1st October, and a number of
important branches were yet unfilled; the various
elements had still to be united to one whole; the
collections and branch institutions had to be furnished
with a sufficiency of means. "When BEumboldt^ after
a "few months, quitted his post, the preparations- were
so far completed that nothing stood In the way of the
opening at the appointed time.
All the*eminent men belonging to Prussia were
first   elected for the new university;   but   If   these
did not suffice, professors were invited from other dis-
tricts, and the universities which had been lost In the
war coniaibuted the best and most Important names
to the new establishment     iFIchte, from Erlangen,
•was- a Ixost in himself.    Halle seat several men, and
formed, ict more senses than one, the basis of tib&
new university.    A}1 the important academic talent
of Prassia was associated there.^   The archaeological
studies in their most extended views had takea
there,   under  Wolf's  tuition.       Beside   Wolf
SchleierrRaeiier,  the advocate of that national
dency  which   subsequently grew  to   &wfa
These  men, with  Roll,   a determined              and
Schmalzy at that time a man with tmt»sfebed repu-
tation^ introduced the healthy spirit wMeb